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Email  Plan  Consult



You aren’t using email much?  Do you know how much money you are missing out on?  


Let’s fix this.  


You let it sit in the back of your mind…the fact that no email has gone out to your list this week.  Matter of fact, last week’s email is just a figment of your guilted imagination, so that’s two weeks.

You don’t know where to begin, it feels like a bit of a burden, and you are really, deep down, worried that you’ll see your emails unopened which is tough to take.  It feels like being ignored.  So avoidance is easier?


Money is floating by you.  I know, not cool.

You can put all of this to rest.  The worry, the burden, the face plant on your desk when it is time to write an email, the fear of being ignored, all of it.

You can make your emails easy and your email marketing toes-in-the-sand enjoyable. 

Okay, so take care of my email, but why?

Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. (Direct Marketing Association)

No brainer.  Email is super inexpensive marketing.

Companies using email to nurture leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads and at 33% lower cost.  (Hubspot)

And it’s automated!  That is not you, on the phone, or you at a networking event talking till you can’t think anymore.  Your emails, once set, work for you even while you sleep…better than minions. 

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (ExactTarget)

Hmm…you spend $1 and you can get $44.25 back.  (crickets)

People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers (

I like money, do you like money?

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email (

You could say, that it is highly likely that almost half of your list will make a purchase from you within the year. 

IF your email marketing is in place and solid. 

Let’s create a plan!

Michelle Anne Copywriter

Your Custom Email Plan

  • 2 one hour calls for planning, one half hour follow-up accountability call
  • Unlimited email between planning calls
  • Discuss needs and struggles
  • Identify what you will promote
  • Identify your lists/segments
  • Identify your behavior automation
  • Determine frequency/time – add to your calendar
  • Clarify Tone/Message/Voice
  • Per email strategy
  • Fully customized email plan developed by Michelle Anne


First, you must know, I’m no cutthroat marketer.  I’m a copywriter with a whole lotta internet marketing under my belt and a sprinkle of something special.

I get people.  Seriously, I develop customer persona segments for big-time companies, helping them to predict what their ideal client thinks first thing in the morning, before they even get slippers on.

That gives me an edge when connecting via words.  Very cool.

But hey, once we get your plan in place:

  • Email is suddenly easy, you are relieved to know what you are writing and when.
  • You feel really proud about what you are sending your people: your dog lovers will get one offer while your cat lovers will get another. You even have something special for your tarantula fans (staving off a squeal). (Segmenting increases the likelihood of a sale and decreases unsubs)
  • You feel on top of the world, like you are actually moving forward and your confidence is soaring.
  • You have a stronger sense of professionalism and entrepreneurship.  
  • Today, you actually have more time since your emails marketing is all set up and automated, that means coffee with friends, ice cream with kids, or a cupcake with your catyou choose.

It comes down to educating yourself and getting smart.  It is totally doable. 

Learn – implement – succeed.  That is a philosophy.  I’m fairly certain a few big names out there have embraced such a philosophy…at some point.

This is how it all goes down:

  1. Purchase the consult.
  2. You’ll receive a link to schedule our first planning call.
  3. You’ll be asked to do a little homework and send it off to me asap.
  4. We meet (telephonically).  I’ll ask tons of questions, we’ll collaborate on your email action steps.
  5. You take notes (I’ll record the call.)
  6. I’ll give you a few tasks to start implementing.  (and send you the recording)
  7. I create your email plan (rather madly) I get all mad scientist on this kind of thing (sheepish grin).  I send you your custom plan.
  8. You receive a link to schedule the second call where we discuss your custom email plan.
  9. We set a deadline together for when you will have this DONE.  (We all need accountability.)
  10. I call you on your deadline to hold you accountable for the money-generating tasks that you could not let slide.
  11. We review, celebrate, and hopefully talk again soon.

See, you know exactly what to expect.

Your next step to make this happen?  Purchase your one-on-one email plan consult. 



You’ve just set the most amazing thing in motion!

Copyright 2015 – Michelle Anne – All Rights Reserved

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